STAX Enterprises Ltd.
Pioneering Products for Todays Collectible Market

This limited set of ProSTAX collectibles is exclusive to the Seattle SuperSonics and their fans. The ProSTAX Collectible is a hand-painted, multi-piece nested doll set that is designed to provide teams with an exclusive, premium game day promotion. Each ProSTAX captures the unique personality of the featured player and includes the official uniforms and team logos of the era in which they played.

ProSTAX are designed and produced by Stax Enterprises Ltd., a Washington State Corporation dedicated to providing a variety of promotional and retail solutions for professional sports franchises, universities, entertainment groups and other businesses. With innovative products and specialized manufacturing processes, STAX Enterprises is committed to helping their clients provide value to their customers.

Dallas Cowboys Legendary Quarterbacks set *Marketing purposes only*

Ethnic Holiday Set *Custom Retail Order